I want to help you start, run and grow your company. I have been in the trenches, and can advise you from a legal and real-world perspective. I want to help you;

  • Legally start, setup and maintain your business the right way
  • Plan your business and marketing strategies
  • Develop and protect your business from its management team
  • Prepare and develop a fundraising strategy
  • Protect your dream from outsiders, vendors and others
  • Help ensure you are safe from your customers
  • Ensure you are compliant with terms, privacy, and more
  • Prepare your company for due diligence before you need it
  • Share in the love and passion you feel for your company

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I am passionate about my clients & their needs.

My reason to become an attorney was simple - I wanted to help people navigate the legal system, whether it was in business or the criminal justice system. I was (and still am) an entrepreneur before I became an attorney, and I have been a part of over a half dozen startups, both large and small. These experiences gave me a wealth of real-world experiences that I bring to my practice. I am also passionate about the criminal justice system, and many of the common issues surrounding the system, and want to help my clients go through this process with as minor of an impact on their lives as possible. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and I don't believe that these mistakes should be with people their whole lives - my goal is to help my clients through this process.

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Practice Areas

I am here to help turn your legal mountains into molehills, whether it be estate planning, criminal issues, or business concerns!

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  • Traffic

    Whether you have a minor traffic ticket, or a not so minor issue, I can help solve your problems - often helping you avoid points, suspensions and increased insurance costs - starting at $100. Working with me can prevent points and higher insurance costs, saving you more money in the long term, and protecting your good driving history.

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  • Entrepreneurs

    I love helping people start their businesses the right way - because I've been there. As a serial tech entrepreneur before becoming attorney, I have a wealth of practical knowledge and skills, along with the legal knowledge to start and build your business.

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  • Small Businesses

    Protect your blood, sweat and tears that went into building your business. I want to help navigate the ever changing legal environment. I can help with contracts, succession planning and more.

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  • Contract Negotiation

    Contracts are supposed to represent the agreement that two parties enter into, however, my job as an attorney is to ensure that you contract does not land you in a courtroom. A simple review of an agreement can save you money, time and heartache - let me help protect your and your interests.

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  • Criminal Defense

    Everyone makes mistakes, I don't believe a mistake should haunt you for the rest of your life. I seek the truth and want to find justice for my clients. I strive to give you the help and compassion you deserve while I help you navigate the criminal justice system.

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  • Technology Law

    I developed software and worked in telecommunications for over a decade, and bring practical experience and advice to where rapidly evoloving technology meets with the law. The laws that surround technology are constantly evolving. I want to ensure that your technology needs are compliant with the law as it is today.

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